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Health 360 has installed India's first 32 Channel Whole Body MRI machine at Marine Lines, Mumbai!

Now, in just 45 minutes, get a complete screening from head-to-toe. Whole Body MRI evaluates all the organs in the body including head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, musculoskeleton, and whole spine.

Whole Body MRI

  • Is completely harmless with no exposure to radiation.
  • Fully non-invasive with no injection of contrast.
  • Has no side effects.
  • Requires no prior preparations.
  • Complements other diagnostic investiga-tions such as Sonography and Colour
  • Doppler for a more thorough evaluation of any disease.

All of this on India's most patient-friendly high strength MRI machine

  • Open from both ends.
  • Fastest in the industry.
  • Least noise.
  • Outstanding clinical image quality.

So get a complete checkup for all your organs today! Call 4342 9999 for appointments.

Highlights of 32 Channel x 76 elements MRI machine

  • MRI Brain.
  • Cardiac MRI.
  • MRI Whole Spine.
  • Prostate spectroscopy.
  • MR Angio.
  • Spine Stress MRI.
  • MRI of the joints
    (Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow).
  • Whole Body MRI.
  • Breast MRI.

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